Hillcrest residents frustrated over unfinished road surface

IMG_6078_26014A HILLCREST resident, Tony Fisher, has commended the KZN Provincial Roads Department and its main contractor, Martin and East, for the beautiful new multi-lane highway in Hillcrest, but was irked to think of how the finishing touches have simply been ignored.
Residents said the roads look shabby and incomplete, and the different road surfaces are most unpleasant to to drive on.

Paradise Valley Hillcrest Residents

He said a couple of months back, the long procedure to redesign the street from Hillcrest to Waterfall was made and in mid-December, the primary contractual worker, Martin and East, took themselves off site subsequent to “finishing” the few remaining occupations, the remainder of which was the imperative and occupied activity light convergence at Inanda Road/Hilltop Road/West Riding Road/Wishart Road. Only before them pressing up, Fisher addressed one of their site specialists to discover when the last tar surface at this crossing point would be embraced, to which the site operators answered, ‘Ahead of schedule in the new year’.

“Well it is currently just about the end of April with the second quarter approaching and there is no proof of this work being gone to – the outcome being two diverse levels from the aforementioned streets onto Inanda Road. Aside from looking shabby and deficient, the diverse street surfaces are most unsavory to arrange with the additional probability of tire sidewalls being harmed by contact with the sharp edges of the canal areas,” said Fisher.

He said he is an occupant who depends altogether on this convergence for access to his street, with no such good fortune.

Parkway Mail reached the temporary worker, Martin and East, and additionally the KZN common streets office for input two weeks prior, however both organizations moved obligation forward and backward. In the end, the KZN commonplace streets office said they would react to questions once they has addressed the right authorities. After two weeks and still no remark from them.



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