Hiking Trails

Paradise Valley Nature Reserve has four distinct hiking trails, trails are categorized and described as follows,
Below is a map of the Trails, Please click on the Map to zoom in.

paradise valley trails

The Paradise Valley Nature Reserve comprises approximately 100 hectares of coastal forest
and remnant grasslands with the Umbilo River running through the lenght of the Reserve.
The Reserve forms a vital link in the chain of naturally managed areas along the lenght of
the Umbilo River from pinetown to Durban Bay. Paradise Valley boasts one of the two
national monuments to be found in pinetown- “The Umbilo Waterworks (1887-1905)”.

Waterfall Trail
Blue 705m
Gentle walk
This is an easy walking trail which follows the
Umbilo River. Points of interest along the trail
are the old Umbilo dam wall and sand filter beds.
These are historical monuments from Durbans early
water supply which was destroyed by floods in
1905. There is a viewing balcony overlooking
the Umbilo Falls, which should not be missed.

Duiker Trail
Yellow 642m
Mild walk
The Duiker trail is also easy and takes a visitor
through coastal forest as well as grassland areas.
Some points of interest are the avenue of Mango
trees that once lead to the now demolished
caretaker’s residence, and the spillway

Bushbuck Trail
Red 861m
Mild-steep walk
This trail passes through some pristine coastal
forest. Dassies abound in the rocky areas
along the trail. The roots of the many Natal Fig
trees make an attractive feature along this trail.

Dormouse Trail
Black 1315m
Steep walk
This is an extremely steep trail, which takes a
visitor through some remnant grasslands, coastal
forest and back along the Umbilo River to above
the Umbilo Falls. The sharp-eyed visitor might
get a glimpse of Bushbucks or Blue Duikers.

The trails have been graded according to their steepness with steep being the most difficult.
Visitors are urged to take this into account when determining which trail to walk. The
Interpretative Centre and large pit braai area are available for hire. They must however be
booked in advance by phoning the Reserve on telephone number 031 702 3443-office hours.

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