Below are simple directions to get to Paradise Valley Nature Reserve via the N3, more details can be attained by using the map provided below.

Whilst travelling along the N3 towards Pinetown, take exit 71M13/Pinetown/Pietermaritzburg. Shortly after taking this exit, take exit 16M5/ Stapleton Road/ New Germany. Keep left; be careful not to turn right into Eden Road as the traffic sometimes travels fairly fast around this bend. Carry on to the end of Oxford Road where you’ll find the Reserve. Images below map shows Points to take note of and find Directions to Paradise Valley with ease.


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Continue straight passed the SA National Blood Service Entrance on Eden Road


Turn Right onto Oxford Road


As you descent, the public parking lot will be on your Left.

Please Note

The Public Parking is open from 7:30am to 16:00pm

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